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    Tyres! What do you run on your Crafter?

    Well, its come to the point where i need to replace the tyres on my Crafter. Fronts are good tread wise but they're a cheaper brand. Rears were bought and fitted as part worn Continental Vancos, which have always been good, but the tread is low now and i want to replace before the weather gets worse.

    I'd toyed with the idea of winters, but then i dont want to have to buy another set for the rest of the rear (eventually, i will invest in some full winter tyres). Had a scout on the internet and found there were options for "all season" tyres, but most if not all came with ok grip ratings b-c.. but the fuel rating was dire E-G. Im not convinced a All season tyre will be any better or worse than a summer tyre bar the snow -even then the all season wont be great in the snow.

    In the end i went for a set of 4 Continental Vancocamper which are ratings of C fuel, B grip, 72dbs. The Vanco 2s were also available for similar price with ratings of C and C, 72dbs.

    My concern is, with effectively summer tyres, how they will deal with wet grass - given as its a camper there will be alot of camping on a field somewhere which could well be during the wet months of the year. Not too bothered how they perform in the snow as we dont see alot and doubt we'll see any this year (touch wood), but have found myself spinning the wheels on wet grass, albeit with worn Conti Vancos. Hoping the new tread tyres will be of more use.

    Anyone had any experience with the Vancocamper tyres or what experiences do you have with other tyre brands/models.

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    I really like the BFGoodrich Radial Tyres, always had them on my T4 and they have done brilliant, but they don;t do them in 215/85/16 nearest is 235's

    So decided to go for a set of these Cooper AT3's

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