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    Lucky 6/Outlander Adventure vans

    Hi all,

    I am looking at buying a van through Lucky6, they are known generally on the scene for supplying T5's at a reasonable price and doing work to them for customers prior to collection. They seem like a good bunch of guys and they are expanding their company. So they will be doing Crafters and Sprinters under their other name of Outlander Adventure vans. I will be going to see them in a couple of weeks about what I am looking for, but thought you might like this. A Sprinter that's been completely painted in Raptor lining.

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    (This wasn't an advert... just thought you off road guys may be interested, I know I am...)

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    Van looks great, sorry can't vouch for Luck6, but quality of their work looks ok

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    I have been following them for some time. They don't have much of a website as all of their stuff seems to be via Facebook. But they have plenty of followers on there and lots of positive feedback from previous van owners. This is the first time they are moving into serious camper conversions. Up until now they have been importing a lot of T5's from Ireland etc and then doing kombi conversions/lowering etc etc. They seem to price their vans as you would expect and don't stick on for scene tax.

    Having spoken to them, they will do both Crafters and Sprinters (I am highly likely to source mine through them at this rate) but they prefer the sprinter due to the stronger engine by the sounds of it.

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    The Raptor finish looks great. It is something I would consider for sure and sooner then a flashy respray costing thousands, that's for sure.

    Here is an interesting video showing a van with dodgy paintwork being given the Raptor effect. I think the end results are totally brilliant!

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