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    Dimension Comparision

    Seeing as no posts yet in this section, here is one to break the duck

    It is a copy of one I put on the VWT4T5 Forum, but I think could be useful here ...
    Thought this may be of interest for T4/T5 owners who are thinking of changing to a bigger van....
    Some Dimensions .... (note these are external, so a vehicle with a longer nose may have less space then one of same length with shorter, and a RWD van will usually have a higher floor then a FWD van for example, but as a guideline, shoud be handy )

    Firstly the Dimensions of a T5 ....

    SWB -

    LWB -

    So lengths of 4890 & 5290 respectively, and a max height on a standard roof of 1969.

    Variety of both LTs and Crafters lengths and heights, and the difference is quite considerable!

    Low Roof on LT is 2350 and High Roof is 2570
    Low Roof on Crafter is 2535 and High Roof is 2820
    SO .... If the headroom on a High Roof LT is good for you, then a Low Roof Crafter could also be ok?

    The length differences are quite significant. Large Van makers quote terms like "L1H1", "L3H2", etc to signify the differents in length and height - but one makers L3 is not another makers L3 so using those terms to compare vans is not going to work

    A common platform for Motorhome Conversions is the Peugeot Boxer in L3H2 format
    Dimensions of current Boxer L3H2 = 5988 Long, 2524 High

    Comparing to LT and Crafter ....
    VW LT L3H2 = 6535 Long, 2570 High and L2H2 = 5585 Long, 2570 High - so the L3 Boxer sits right in the middle of the LT MWB and LWB models.
    VW Crafter L3H2 = 6940 Long, 2830 High and L2H2 = 5910 Long, 2830 High, and also the H1 (so low roof model) is 2535 high
    so .... the Nearest Crafter to a LWB Mid Roof (L3H2) Boxer is in fact a MWB Low Roof (L2H1) Crafter!

    I understand that some campsites have a "max 20' " limit for campers/motorhomes, which is just under 6.1M - and that, plus ferry price hikes for >6M vehicles - which probably explains why the L3 Boxer is a popular base rather then the L4 XLWB model at 6363?

    so a comparision in pictures ....

    The "Default" Motorhome base (I find it useful to know these dimensions as when looking at layoutsm etc, it is easier to understand how well they would fit in another van)
    Peugeot Boxer -

    and in size order of LWB and MWB from VW ...

    The LWB (L3) VW Crafter -

    The LWB (L3) VW LT -

    The MWB (L2) VW Crafter -

    and finally the MWB (L2) VW LT

    The LWB Crafter has always seemed massive to me when seen them on the road, so the reduction in length of the LWB LT I think will be handy while still providing more room than a Boxer.
    When looking at the size differences, I can see why the MWB Crafter is also a popular choice for conversion as it will give the same kind of space as the Boxer

    (not considered the Widths, and the Boxer is the widest of panel vans by quite a way)

    Anyways, hope this may be of interest to some

    I'm quite happy with my choice of LT LWB High Roof (so L3H2) as the platform for my next conversion A:


    The shorter versions of the bigger vans have been mentioned as options. These offer not much extra in terms of length, but can offer useful extra width and height. So let's check out the differences ....

    To Recap, the VW T5 in standard roof version with LWB (there are Mid and High Roof versions of course) -

    The Boxer in L2 (MWB) H2 (High Roof) version -

    VW LT IN L1H1 format. So SWB Low Roof (in SWB there is just the only roof height option) -

    And the VW Crafter in L1H2 size (unlike the LT there are two roof options) -

    So for me, I would not go for these as I would want the extra length the longer vans can offer, but if restricted for a reason, I guess the extra height/width could make them good alternatives.

    And for people who want the other extreme .....
    Crafter L4 (XLWB) -

    There is a super-high top version but I refuse to post a picture as they are too ugly

    When looking for certain items, I saw in the US, the Sprinter from 2006 (Crafter sister) was often referred to as a NCV3, and the earlier Sprinter (so same body as LT) was called a T1N. While not that relevant for engines and transmissions, it could be useful to know if looking at bodywork options like roofracks, etc.

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    Top info - sure that will come in very handy in the future

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