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    Dear all,

    New member just been approved - my name is Graeme and I live in Bristol.

    I currently do not have a vehicle that is encompassed by this website, however I am looking for a suitable van that I can use as a mobile workshop/shed.

    There is a lot of detailed information already in this forum and, hopefully, more forthcoming that will be very useful in me choosing the best option.

    Thanks for the inclusion


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    Hi Graeme,

    Your right, there is a lot we collectively know about these vans and they are a fantastic choice.

    Welcome to the site


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    Hi Graeme
    Welcome to the Forum, sorry this has taken a while to activate you, had all sorts of problems with Spammers, then security being too tight that it wasn't letting anyone on ... LOL
    Think we are there now tho and start to see some new members arriving.
    Look forward to seeing your new project

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